Ian Forrester

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Senior Firestarter, BBC R&D

Ian is a well known character on the digital scene in the UK and Europe. Living in Manchester, UK, he works for the BBC's R&D Future Experiences team. 

He specialises in open innovation and new disruptive opportunities; by creating tangible value with open engagement and collaborations with start-ups, universities and early adopters.

His current research is into the area of future narrative and storytelling, with a technology he calls Perceptive Media. It's a new approach to broadcasting; which pairs the best of broadcast with the best of internet technology; creating experiences like sitting around a camp fire telling stories.

Ian is proud to have a non-traditional background in interaction design which he crossed over with development using XML & Semantic web technologies.

His diverse background makes him adaptive and flexible in any situation; with a relaxed and creative leadership style. He takes sustainability, data ethics and human potential seriously in his leadership and collaborations. Taking pride in his background he champions inclusion and diversity where ever he goes. His achievements recently was noticed by the Inclusive board, landing him in the top 100 diverse tech leaders in the UK.

Previously a founder of the dataportability.org group in 2004, running the quantified self group in Manchester in 2015; he's track record leads him in good stead for a data rich future.. 


Ade Adewunmi

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Ade Adewunmi heads up advising and data strategy at Cloudera's Fast Forward Labs.

She spends her days advising clients on integrating machine learning into their business operations, including developing and executing on use cases through the application of machine learning.  Prior to joining Cloudera Fast Forward Labs, Ade worked as a senior consultant at Teradata, advising organisations on the development and delivery of their data strategies. Prior to that, she  led the Government Digital Service’s Data Infrastructure programme. 

Outside of work, Ade’s interests in the application and impact of data are broader - beyond the boundaries of corporate organisations; she volunteers with charities such as Datakind UK and mySociety.  

She blogs about the ways in which data can be made useful for organisations and wider society as well as the leadership and organisational cultures that make this possible. When she’s not advising, blogging or speaking about these things, she’s almost certainly watching too much TV and justifying it on the grounds of cultural relevance (as if any justification were needed!).


David Dylan Thomas

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Content Strategy Advocate, Think Company

David Dylan Thomas, author of the book Design for Cognitive Bias from A Book Apart, serves as Content Strategy Advocate at Think Company and is the creator and host of the Cognitive Bias Podcast.

He has developed digital strategies for major clients in entertainment, healthcare, publishing, finance, and retail. He has presented at TEDNYC, SXSW Interactive, Confab, LavaCon, UX Copenhagen, Artifact, IA Conference, Design and Content Conference, and the Wharton Web Conference on topics at the intersection of bias, design, and social justice.