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Session duration:

85 minutes

Presented by:

Theo Ploeg

Studio Hyperspace

Rita Cervetto


About the session


Although the roots of Speculative Design lie at least partly in the UK, it’s use isn’t common within business environments. We believe this is unfortunate since it could help us tackle uncertainty better, discover areas of opportunity with fresher eyes and discuss the long term social impact of a decision we make today.

It might be that Speculative Design is harder to understand because of its abstract nature (it’s not problem-driven like other design methods), or because it’s difficult to find the time and explain it’s value. Regardless, we thought UCD Gathering would be a great place to do a 101 on the subject and play with a framework to explore the future using Speculative Design together.
This hands-on 90min introduction to Speculative Design, is designed for participants who want to learn about it but also trial it live with others.
What we hope to achieve in this workshop:

  • Spark interest in speculative design
  • Show how speculation can help get a broader and alternative view on current issues
  • Practice a new way of thinking and exploring possibilities with a talented engaged participant group

Themes: Future Design, Speculative Design, Design Thinking, Service Design, Human Centred Design, Sociology

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