Session type:

Case Study

Presented by:

Linn Vizard

Service Design Paths

Session time:

15 Oct 17:05 17:50

Session duration:

45 minutes

About the session


What are outcomes made of?

This session will explore the dark matter of the outcomes of service design work. This talk digs in to different ways of seeing the outcomes of our work - as co-created value, as changes to the conversations organisations are having and as changes to people’s feelings and mindsets. It will also show some examples from projects of how to start to measure and visualise these (less tangible) types of outcomes.

This talk will help the audience by offering some potential re-frames and new lenses for thinking about the outcomes of their work.
It will also help the audience by sharing some frameworks and theories that move our thinking forward - for example, thinking of organisations as conversations rather than systems, or understanding outcomes as dynamically produced throughout the service design process, based on service dominant logic.

Finally, the audience will take away some tactical approaches to demonstrating and visualising less ‘tangible’ or measurable outcomes, such as changes in mindsets, based on actual project work. This talk marries frameworks from the academic study of design with practical, case study examples of how these have been applied at a project level across private and public sector projects.

The session is both about philosophies/mindsets, and tools/methods that bring these to life.

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