Session type:

Case Study

Presented by:

Morgane Peng

Societe Generale

Session time:

15 Oct 15:35 16:25

Session duration:

50 minutes

About the session


Have you ever found yourself explaining what you do as a UX designer over and over again? Or felt frustrated at being consulted only after major product decisions were made?

UX is no longer an unknown term in most organisations. Yet people can still be unclear about what UX designers exactly do, what their skills are, or where exactly they fit in.

In this session, discover how as a designer, you can get a seat at the table (and keep it). We'll start with a humorous talk including actionable tips, then jump into a case studies discussion. You'll also be able to share your own stories and challenges!


  • How to identify design obstacles in your company
  • How to fight common misconceptions about UX design
  • How to influence the decision-making process and be a part of the conversation

Important note: this session is partially recorded. We want to encourage everyone to participate in the live case studies and discussions, so these will NOT be recorded.

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