Code of Conduct - Taking Action

In most cases, dealing with a breach of this code will be about learning, evolving and improving. It will not be our aim to punish unless we need to.

Our promise to you:

If you report that our Code of Conduct has been breached, we promise to:

  • Do our utmost to make you and anyone else affected feel safe again.
  • Deal directly with anyone/everyone responsible for the breach.
  • Gather all sides of the story.
  • Contact any authorities that may be required - promptly.
  • If necessary, secure the safety of everyone at the event as swiftly as possible.
  • Work with you to find a solution - from a simple apology in the event of a misunderstanding, through to expulsion from the conference or some sort of ban on attending our events for more extreme breaches.

In a decade of event organising, we’ve been delighted to welcome some of the most lovely, collaborative, open-minded and engaged participants to our events. It is very rare to have our Code challenged by unacceptable behaviour. We expect respectful, mature behaviour at our events.

We Will Not Accept Anything Less.

The above promise forms the basis of our Action Plan. Whether we receive a complaint during the event or it’s brought to our attention afterwards, we will deal with it - seriously, swiftly and in conjunction with everyone involved. In a respectful and mature manner.